The Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) XI convened for its 4th Quarter Meeting for CY 2022 via Zoom presided by NEDA XI Dir. Maria Lourdes D. Lim, CESO II as Chairperson of the RLUC XI.

The Regional Spatial Development Framework (RSDF) of the Davao Regional Development Plan, 2023-2028 was presented by Ms. Alana San Pedro of NEDA XI during the meeting. Such document serves as a framework for the updating of the Development & Physical Framework Plans of the LGUs of Davao Region focusing on the spatial development, priorities and strategies for the land use sector. This was also presented during the multi-stakeholder meeting conducted last November 17, 2022. The 2023-2028 RSDF highlights the area or length coverage per province in terms of delineated SAFDZs, land cover, NPAAAD, transport networks, multi-hazard, population and other elements. The RLUC XI then endorsed the RSDF to the Regional Development Council (RDC) XI for its approval.

DENR XI ARD Maribel P. Alicer presented the Regional Control Map prepared by the Composite Mapping Team spearheaded by Engr. Hyacinth Delos Santos of the Surveys and Mapping Division of DENR XI. Such document will be the control map of the Davao Region to be used as reference by stakeholders in matters related to land-use. Data reflected in this map include political boundaries, production and protection forest maps, Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA) maps, mineral production sharing agreement (MPSA) maps and Certificate of Ancestral Domain Titles (CADT) maps.

In addition, ARD Alicer shared a presentation on the Joint Position Paper prepared by the Technical Working Group (TWG) assigned to revisit the DAR-DENR-LRA-NCIP Joint Administrative Order No. 1 s. 2012 and other related issuances to address several concerns. The Composite Mapping Team and TWG of the Joint Position Paper were created by the RLUC XI during the 4th quarter 2021 meeting. Both the Composite Mapping Team and the TWG conducted series of formulation meetings since then and throughout the succeeding year. The RLUC XI then passed resolutions for the following:

  • Endorsement to the RDC XI the RLUC XI-TWG Joint Position Paper on the Issues and Recommendations on the Joint DAR-DENR-LRA-NCIP Administrative Order No. 1, s. 2012;
  • Recommendation to the RDC XI to implore the Central Offices of the DENR, DAR, and NCIP to resolve issues of overlapping jurisdictions;
  • Recommendation to the Central Offices of the DENR and NCIP to resolve concerns on Tenurial Instruments, Resource-Use Instruments (RUIs), Certificate of Actual Land Occupancy for Migrants (CALOM) and Certificate of Ancestral Domain Land Allocation (CADLA);
  • Recommendation to the DENR Central Office to craft procedures for data sharing with DAR and NCIP;
  • Recommendation to the RDC XI to implore the Central Office of the LRA to address concerns in relation to the survey plans and coordination with the DENR, DAR and NCIP.

Finally, Ms. Ruby Rose Lora and Ms. Joan M. Alcachopas of the CPDO-Davao City presented updates of the CLUP 2019-2028 of Davao City. To fast-track the approval of the document, Chairperson Lim recommended to secure a certification from the BSWM confirming that the reclassification of agricultural lands in the CLUP is within the limits prescribed by law.