The Regional Development Council (RDC) XI

The Regional Development Council (RDC) XI is the highest policy making body in the region.  As its technical secretariat, the NEDA Regional Office XI provides the technical staff and secretariat support to the Council and all its Committees in .  The NEDA Regional Director, as head of the RDC Secretariat, manages the technical, administrative and financial operations of the Council.

The NEDA Regional Office XI maintains the RDC XI Online Facility as a way of providing venue for the stakeholders to interact easily. It serve as a virtual library where RDC-related information can be stored and retrieved and another form of making the public about the role, functions and activities of the Council.

This facility is equipped with the mechanism that will enable to effectively access information, interact with other members, provide feedback and suggestions and approve or disapprove policy issues and recommendations.


CLICK HERE to visit the RDC XI Online Facility.