In front: RRP Project Team Leader Noela Lasmarias (2nd from left), PPP Center OIC Eleazar Ricote (3rd from left), NEDA XI Regional Director Maria Lourdes D. Lim (4th from left), PPP Center Director Maria Lerma Advincula (4th from right), NEDA XI Assistant Regional Director Gilberto Altura (3rd from right), with the RRP Project Team, PPP Center Staff, and NEDA XI Staff

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center OIC Eleazar E. Ricote, and Director Maria Lerma L. Advincula, together with the PPP Center staff and the RRP Project Team headed by Ms. Noela Lasmarias, visited the NEDA Regional Office XI on July 22, 2022, ahead of the Metro Davao Risk Resiliency Roadmap and Investment Portfolio for Risk Resiliency (IPRR) Presentation at the Pinnacle Hotel and Suites, Davao City.

The RRP Project is a partnership between the PPP Center and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) with funding assistance from the Asian Development Bank. It supports the PPP Center’s capacity building program and the development and procurement of local climate-resilient infrastructure PPP projects through the preparation of resilience roadmaps and IPRRs for priority climate-vulnerable provinces and major urban areas in the Philippines, including Metro Davao. To generate the Metro Davao Risk Resiliency Roadmap and IPRR, Ms. Lasmarias informed that the Project Team conducted several online meetings and workshops with the Metro Davao LGUs and selected NGAs from February to May 2022 for the collection and validation of spatial and non-spatial data analyzed using a modified Climate Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA), land use analysis, and scenario-building.

The Project is aligned with various government commitments and plans such as the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), National Climate Change Action Plan, Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan, and Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). Director Advincula said that the Project is also aligned with the Marcos Administration’s 8-by-8 Socioeconomic Agenda as it shall help the LGUs in hazard mitigation, climate change resiliency, and sustainable development. She added that the PPP Center is currently pursuing initiatives with the LGUs and NGAs to create a pool of cadre who can assist in the government’s resiliency efforts.

OIC Ricote conveyed that the Project aimed to incorporate and promote climate risk resiliency in PPP projects. With Local PPPs having been identified as one of the strategies to achieve the current administration’s socioeconomic agenda, he said that the PPP Center shall continue to promote PPP to the LGUs through its PPP for the People (P4) initiative, which includes the development of PPP Modules for LGUs. To establish ownership of the Metro Davao Risk Resiliency Roadmap and IPRR, he suggested the adoption of the project outputs by the Regional Development Council (RDC) XI.

With the country’s high vulnerability to natural disasters, Director Lim said that the Project is a welcome initiative for Metro Davao as it will enhance the preparedness of communities to climate-related risks. She informed that the project is in line with the proposed theme for the next Philippine Development Plan and one of NEDA’s priorities, which is on addressing climate change. With the recent passage of the Metropolitan Davao Development Authority (MDDA) Act in April 2022, she said that the project may elevate the awareness of Metro Davao LGUs into metropolitan planning and aid in the updating of their Comprehensive Development Plans (CDPs) and CLUPs. The project outputs can also complement the formulation of the Comprehensive and Sustainable Urban Development Master Plan for a Smart Metropolitan Davao which will be assisted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

– Lorenz Daniel P. Lumen, NEDA XI