The Department of Energy (DoE) – Energy Audit Team (EAT) conducted a virtual walkthrough energy audit or on-the-spot check of NEDA Davao on November 23, 2021. It is the third NEDA Regional Office to be audited this year on the energy efficiency and conservation programs and activities implementing the Government Energy Management Program (GEMP). The DOT-EAT consisted of Senior Science Research Specialist (SRS) Simon S. Leonor as Team Leader with members Lead Inspector SRS II Ingrid Faith P. Calayag and Mr. Crizaldo G. Santos. The participants from NEDA Davao were led by Regional Director (RD) Maria Lourdes D. Lim, Assistant Regional Director (ARD) Gilberto A. Altura, and the designated Energy Efficiency Conservation Officer (EECO) Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) May Suzanne N. Puentespina-Ciudadano.

The virtual activity started with an introduction from the Energy Audit Team, explaining the Audit scope and objectives, as well as, the roles and responsibilities of the auditors and NEDA Davao as auditee. It was followed by RD Lim’s acknowledgment and introduction of NEDA XI participants. RD Lim also manifested NEDA XI’s full support on the faithful implementation of the GEMP, with a commitment that NEDA XI shall continue its efforts to improve its EEC measures and programs, and sustain its best practices.

The NEDA XI EECO CAO Puentespina-Ciudadano presented the role and mandates of the Agency, as well as the NEDA XI Office profile. She highlighted the Office’s best practices, viz: 1) Green Program; 2) Proposed Renewable Energy Program; 3) Maximization of daylight use; 4) Installation and Usage of glass windows/walls/partitions in all Offices; 5) Installation of 100% LED lighting system; 6) Posting of Office signages on energy conservation; 7) Regular preventive maintenance of vehicles, generator sets, and Office equipment; and 8) Disposal of gasoline-fed vehicles, among others.


After NEDA XI’s presentation, the EAT validated the NEDA XI’s submitted reports on electricity and fuel consumption and inventory of lighting systems, air-conditioning units, generator sets, and other Office equipment.

The DoE EAT rated NEDA XI a 5-star grade A rating of 97.42%.




ISA II Angelo Alfonso M. Tesoro III
NEDA Regional Office XI – FAD Staff