The assessment of the DRDRA 2017-2022 utilization is based on the results of the inventory of
completed and ongoing research projects, as well as those which are for implementation by the
Region’s public and private research agencies and institutions.

A total of seventy-eight research studies inventoried with a total cost of Php441,340,224 for the
1st Semester of 2021. Of these projects, four were already accomplished (100%), 37 are ongoing
with 50% to 99% accomplishments, 36 are less than 50% accomplished.

Implementation of the projects encountered delays and disruptions due to budget constraints,
pilot-testing, long turnaround time of instruments validation, and difficulty in retrieval of data
due to safety protocols and travel restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The
effects of the pandemic were somehow addressed through the conduct of electronic-based
household surveys to avoid physical contact, limited face-to-face interactions, and other safety
protocols in adherence to the ordinances passed by the LGUs within the Region.


The following activities are recommended to further improve the implementation of research
and development efforts in the Region:

  1. Convergence of efforts among academe, research institutions, industries, government
    institutions, and media practitioners
  2. Commitment of stakeholder institutions to invest in S&T infrastructure and human capital
  3. Develop responsive and demand-driven researches
  4. Increase appreciation for science, technology and innovation in schools, workplaces, and
    business establishments
  5. Enhance responsiveness of research products to market needs
  6. Increase R&D technology adoption and innovation by small farmers/fisherfolks and