The NEDA Regional Office has the following functions:

  1. Serves as the technical staff of the Regional Development Council (RDC) in the Davao Region
  2. Provides staff assistance to RDC XI in the coordination of plan formulation and implementation at the regional level
  3. Provides staff assistance to implementing agencies in the region in identifying and developing programs and projects
  4. Evaluates and reviews proposed regional programs and projects for consideration by the RDC XI and the NEDA Board-Investment Coordinating Committee
  5. Monitors and assesses plan and project implementation in the region
  6. Undertakes development research and strengthens/promotes Knowledge Management
  7. In addition to its regular functions, NEDA XI serves as Secretariat of the Mindanao Area Committee of the NEDA Board Regional Development Committee, for the period 2008-2010 and 2010-2013


Division Functions

Policy Formulation and Planning Division  (PFPD) Click here

Development Research Division (DRD)  Click here

Project Development, Investment Programming and Budgeting Division (PDIPBD)  Click here

Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division PMED  Click here

Finance and Administrative Division FAD  Click here


NEDA XI Frontline Services

1.  Technical assistance to provinces and highly urbanized cities on development planning, policy formulation, investment programming, project development, and project monitoring and evaluation

Provision of technical assistance in the areas of development planning, policy formulation, investment programming, project development, and project monitoring and evaluation upon request of provinces and highly urbanized cities. These areas of technical assistance are the major final outputs (MFOs) of NEDA. Scope of technical assistance to be provided may range from a simple provision of resource persons/technical experts to a more complex development and/or management of specialized training courses. 

2.  Request for RDC XI endorsement on project proposal

Evaluation of project proposals, ranging from simple concept papers to full blown feasibility studies submitted by local government units (LGUs), national government central and regional offices, the business sector, and civil society for endorsement by the Regional Development Council (RDC) XI. These proposals, whenever required, will subsequently be endorsed to the NEDA Board Investment Coordinating Committee for consideration for Official Development Assistance (ODA) funding.

A project evaluation report (PER) will be prepared to serve as one of the bases for the evaluation and endorsement of the project proposal by the RDC XI Sectoral Committee(s) and the Full Council.